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About KTDB

Establishment of a ComprehensiveTransportation Information Infrastructure

Main Objectives

KTDB Projects - Building database with transport investigation, Analyzing transport demands and building database to predict future demands, Investigation and study of traffic network, Operation and management of database systems, Building database with transport investigation

Building Database with Transport Investigations

  • Standard investigation : Passenger travel and freight distribution (every 5 years)
  • Annual investigation : Basic transport statistics, transport infrastructure, transport usage in special periods, and general transport usage
  • Legal investigation : Transport cost and energy consumption (any investigation required for policies)

Building Database to Analyze Transport Demand and Predict Future Demand

  • Analyzing outcome of passenger and freight transport, and building traffic database for baseline year and future O/D travel
  • Studying public transport demand analysis and measures to improve transport investigation
  • Studying measures to increase credibility of transport database, including changes in transport plans
  • Post-evaluation of transport demand forecasts

Investigation and Analysis of Transport Statistics

  • Performance and distribution ratio of each national transport means for passengers and freight
  • Gathering and studying statistics on vehicle kilometers traveled and traffic congestion by road type based on traffic volume
  • Gathering and studying transport-related energy, economy, and environment statistics
  • Issuance of guides on domestic and overseas transport statistics and providing statistics to international organizations such as the International Transport Forum

Investigation and Study of Traffic Networks

  • Investigation of nationwide transport infrastructure
  • Preparing transport maps, and network creation and renewal for transport analysis
  • Developing indexes for traffic control using ITS database (transport and traffic control data)
  • Building and providing database on network monitoring studies, investigation outcomes, and transport maps

Operation and Management of Database Systems and Projects

  • Building database with investigation and study outcomes and publically providing information online
  • Improving features of the KTDB website and maintaining database systems