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About KTDB

Establishment of a ComprehensiveTransportation Information Infrastructure

Building Korea Transport Database

The Korea Transport Database (KTDB)

KTDB is a comprehensive and standardized system that investigates, analyzes, and manages the basic transport statistics necessary to establish transport policies and plans. It includes databases on the operation of transport infrastructure and means (such as roads, railways, airports, harbors, and distribution facilities), origin-destination (O/D) travel, traffic attributes, and transport networks.


  • Gain credibility of basic transport data : Build trust through long-term transport investigations
  • Improve efficiency of transport investments : Use accredited transport analysis data to identify appropriate projects and determine investment priorities
  • Build infrastructure for transport information : Analyze and manage national basic transport data

Background and Purpose

  • Overrun of independent
  • Low credibility
    of transport
  • Lack of databases
    to support
    transport policies
    and plans
Necessity to build and operate national transport database for integrated data management related to transport
Oversee independent transport investigations Legal grounds : National Transport System Efficiency
Act,Article 17
  • Organized, advanced, and modernized transport investigation according to the National Transport Investigation Plan
  • Improving credibility of investment evaluations by building standardized and consistent time series basic transport data
  • Developing indexes to support transport policies and establishing a decision making system
  • Building and providing basic transport data in order to create and implement well-informed national transport policies such as the Key National Traffic Network Plan and Mid-Term Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan
  • Building database system that investigates, analyzes, and manages basic transport data and statistics in a comprehensive and standardized manner
  • Gaining evaluation credibility of various transport infrastructure investment businesses by using standardized and consistent time series basic transport data

Legal Grounds

  • Description in the superseding transport law National Transport System Efficiency Act (Article 17 Comprehensive Management of Transport Investigation Data)
    • Authorizing The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) to carry out the project according to Act on the Establishment, Operation and Support of Government-Funded Science and Technology Research Institutes (Enforcement Decree Article 114 Section 2 of National Transport System Efficiency Act)

Promotion System

  • The main agents of this project include the central government (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), the agency (KOTI), and local governments
  • The project is authorized to KOTI, a government-funded science and technology research institute, for work expertise and project efficiency under supervision of the central government, and is carried out in cooperation with local governments for nationwide investigation
  • For improved specialty of each field, KOTI carries out investigations, analyses of data and establishment of land transport data, while the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) performs research and analysis on sea transport