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About KTDB

Establishment of a ComprehensiveTransportation Information Infrastructure


We will build advanced information infrastructure to be the leader of advanced transport in the 21st century.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the
Korea Transport Database (KTDB) website.

KTDB was born in 2000 with the purpose of building standardized origin-destination travel tables and networks in order to efficiently invest and manage the government’s social overhead capital. KTDB also investigates, analyzes, and manages national and comprehensive basic data and statistics required for various transport policies.

Recently, more and more users from the central government, local governments, associations, and organizations are seeking information in our transport demand analysis database and transport statistics database - some of KTDB’s major successes. The KTDB website is where you can get useful domestic and international information on national transport investigations, transport demand forecasts, and transport statistics.

In this big data era, KTDB successfully developed the KTDB Lab Platform, which shows traffic volume, congestion levels, traffic congestion charges, and various indexes on ITS standard node links, using various data such as vehicle trajectory.

We will continue to share our steadily increasing experience of domestic transport demand forecast, trends for compiling statistics, statistics outcomes, and prospects. You will also find trends for studies carried out by KTDB and other organizations, all sorts of workshops and seminars, and activity trends. Furthermore, we will share database activities and results as well as project directions of other organizations, such as the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, UK Department for Transport, and Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Ju-Young KIM Director of the National Transport DB Center