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About KTDB

Establishment of a ComprehensiveTransportation Information Infrastructure

Major Achievements

Financial Savings with Efficient Operation of Government’s Transport Social Overhead Capital (SOC) Investment

  • Supporting development of various plans, identification of legitimate projects, evaluation of transport investments, and monitoring mid-term transport SOC
  • In terms of traffic management, it is possible to build prediction systems and monitoring support systems with traffic congestion maps
Examples of usage of traffic congestion map - Analysis of congestion levels(Administrative district maps, Roads and intersections maps, Linkage graphs,outcome table): Analyzing congestion levels of each city: Administrative district maps(weekdays(Mon-Fri),weekends(Sat-sun),holidays(Tanksgiving)),Analyzing congestion
		levels of each link (Gangnam area): Roads and intersections maps, Analyzing congestion levels of each link (Gangnam area): Roads and intersections maps, Analyzing congestion levels of each metropolitan city and province: Administrative district maps
Examples of usage of traffic congestion map

Reduction of Direct Costs with Prevention of Overlapping Transport Investigations and Analyses

  • Saving about 140 billion won of the annual investigation budget from the service order budget of the transport division of central department and local government
  • Saving about 3.3 billion won of the annual cost by providing KTDB to other organizations
  • Preventing budgetary waste and shortening project timelines with improved transport demand forecast ※ Example: Saved about 200 billion won of annual financial support for deficit of Incheon Airport Expressway and Railway Project (in 2007)

Securing Objectivity and Improving Credibility

Developing Guidelines for National Transport Investigations and Sharing Standard Investigation Data

Guidelines for Transport Investigation has been enacted and operated from October 2003 to standardize matters related to standards and methods of transport investigation

Improving Confidence Level of Traffic Forecasting

  • Margin of error before KTDB: Approximately 20% - 300%
  • Margin of error after KTDB: Approximately within 17%
The image shows bigyoeul error rates of existing traffic prediction and forecasting utilizing KTDB traffic
Comparing margins of error of traffic forecast before and after using KTDB

Comparing Margins of Error Before and After KTDB

  • KTDB was used on road projects undertaken before KTDB to reduce erroneous predictions
  • For 14 out of 23 national highway projects and 3 out of 10 public road projects, project sizes were reduced and SOC investments were adjusted to match appropriately

Government’s National Transport Statistics Organization with Public Confidence

  • Supervised by Statistics Korea
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Statistics Korea’s national e-index: Compiling and providing distribution ratio information for taxis and public transportation
  • Providing credible statistics to international organizations, including International Transport Forum (ITF), World Bank (WB)
Government’s National Transport Statistics Organization with Public Confidence
Research Type Investigated item Cycle Approval
  • Passenger Division
    • Investigation of traffic related to intercity inflow and outflow travel of passengers
    • Transport investigation of intercity inflow and outflow travel, and investigation of gas stations
    • Investigation of expressway tolls
    • Investigation of public transport usage
    • Investigation of metropolitan regional travel usage
  • Freight Division
    • Investigation of distribution for businesses
    • Investigation of truck traffic
    • Investigation of freight distribution hubs
    • Investigation of roadsides near industrial complexes
5 years
(investigate in April
of following year)
(Sept. 21,2005)
Traffic Division
Transport Report
General report
  • Domestic Transport
    • Passenger: railway, subway, road, marine, flight
    • Freight: railway, road, marine, flight
  • International Transport
    • Passenger: marine (arrival, departure), flight (arrival, departure)
    • Freight: marine (arrival, departure), flight (arrival, departure)
  • Transport Business Service Index
    • Domestic passenger index and freight index
      (railway, subway, marine, flight)
    • International Passenger Index and Freight Index
      (Railway, marine, flight)
(following month of each quarter)
(July 29, 2005)

Globalization of KTDB

Exchange with Developed Countries

ITF, WB, US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, etc.: Annually providing quarterly national transport statistics

Exchange with Other Countries: KSP

Sharing Korea’s experiences of building and using KTDB through Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)

Expansion of Exchanges with Overseas Universities

Creation of MOUs and international seminars

Creation of MOUs and international seminars
international seminars

Knowledge Sharing through Promotion

Public Expansion of Microdata

Publically sharing microdata of standard passenger investigations, standard freight investigations, and public transport usage investigations

Shared Analyses with the Public

  • O/D, network, and GIS traffic network maps used to predict transport demand every year
  • Release additional data required to predict transport demand (VDF, mode choice, etc.)

Frequent Achievement Presentations and Policy Forums to Share Project Progress

Frequent Achievement Presentations and Policy Forums to Share Project Progress
Achievement presentation